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Lafreniere Park Walks in Lafreniere Park: The Summer of 2020

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Summer of 2020: Walks at Lafreniere Park” is available for purchase here: 

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  • Amazon: Hard Cover with Full-color Dust Jacket —
    ISBN: 978-1715663896 
  • Independent Book Sellers: Hard Cover with Full-color Dust Jacket —
    ISBN: 978-1715616809 
  • Soft Cover with flexible, high-gloss laminated cover —
    ISBN: 978-1715629731 
  • Instant PDF version — Viewable on any device 
  • eBook — Available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, and Apple iOS devices 
  • Copyright© and Published by: Eugene L. Brill, LLC.

Lafreniere Park in Metairie, Louisiana

The summer of 2020 will have varied meanings for people around the world. For Eugene L. Brill, a nature photojournalist and nonfiction author, it meant inspirational walks around New Orleans’ Lafreniere Park. In his newly-released coffee table book, “Summer of 2020: Walks at Lafreniere Park,” Brill shares the history and photography of this natural oasis which includes a staggering number of bird species. 

The book includes a brief history of New Orleans (including the history of the first settlers, Native Americans, Pirates on the Mississippi, the Flood of 1927, Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone). It also highlights the park’s rich history and shares images of its many birds and other wildlife. The author tells the story of Attorney General Lafreniere, explains the park’s initial concept in 1975 and documents what it’s like today through its more than 50 plus wildlife photos. 

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