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Eugene L Brill – Marketing, Strategy, Business Operations, Non-profit Resume

Eugene L Brill


eugene brill resume


~ Increase in-app purchases – Experienced many uninstalls and few in-app purchases on a family-oriented mobile game developed on the Android and iOS platforms. Results: Installed the Facebook SDK to use the Facebook Analytics Retention feature to identify issues with the game. Introduced Leaderboards, Personal Achievements & Compete Against Friends for prizes and reduced uninstalls by 40% and increased app revenue by 20% – Swan Princess Hidden Tales Game, Android & iOS ~

~ ‘Return on Relationship’ Marketing Strategy – Asked to analyze the marketing efforts at, and present an awareness campaign targeting Millennials as donors and volunteers utilizing Content Marketing and Social Media. Results: Developed a Marketing Program with recommendations & action items covering target audiences, annual fundraising, Google Ad Grants, Lifecycle Management, content and social media campaigns –, Carlsbad, CA ~

~ Greatest innovation – Called on to performed SEO, SEM, content and ecommerce audits that resulted in the creation of strategic Ecommerce & Content Roadmaps covering the 12 functional areas necessary for a successful online business. Results: Designed numerous ecommerce roadmaps & built teams from scratch – Mythrial Holdings LLC, San Diego, CA ~

~ Communicated bold direction that inspired results – Succeeded in bringing together the strategic vision of the CMO and CIO to create a Digital Marketing Team and reporting structure for the Richline Group. Results: Expanded the business model to include a direct-to-consumer revenue channel – The Richline Group, New York, NY ~

~ Directed significant change to a process – Converted B2B distribution center to service B2C business unit. Partnered with the fulfillment and returns handling departments of a newly established e-commerce business, in collaboration with the shipping and distribution teams. Results: Established a Call Center to service ecommerce customers in conjunction with the Distribution Center covering product ‘picking, packing & shipping’ of 100,000+ orders per year –, New York, NY ~

~ Challenged convention in the workplace – Tasked to research & understand how various customer segments were reacting to tougher economic times and analyze current and historic buying behaviors to identify new market opportunities. Results: Instrumental role in strategic data inspired precision marketing programs that resulted in a radical shift from a ‘mail order catalog’ business to an ‘online’ business model – Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM ~

~ Showed ownership – Seeking expanded market penetration with the implementation of a ‘Multi Touch-point Experience’ marketing campaign that resulted in rapid acceleration of the digital channels. Results: Achieved a 30% increase in online sales y-o-y; including 89% of new accounts being created online – Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM ~

~ Data driven decisions – Targeting empowered consumers that are influenced by the channels they trust, launched Foundational and Community Building content programs to encourage audience participation. Results: Content Team achieved over 30,000 and 80,000 subscribers for YouTube and Facebook respectively and more than 6 million video views – Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM ~

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