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Eugene Business Portfolio

Companies and non-profits Eugene worked with

I have worked with many companies and non-profits in business sectors ranging from mining to interactive agencies to eCommerce sites to cause marketing for not-for-profit organizations.

Have you ever had an idea for a product or service and dismissed your thought only to find someone else did something just like it and became successful? Have you ever had a thought pop into your head on how to solve a problem, handle a difficult situation or overcome an obstacle while you were sleeping or walking or in the shower? If so, you\’ve experience the power of the sixth sense… or intuition.

Acknowledging and using that sixth sense has been one of the most powerful forces and tools in my life.

Below is a list of companies and organizations that I have worked with throughout my career. Some may say the list too long… for me, my sixth sense has guided me through successes and failures… learning as I enjoyed my incredible journey!

Portfolio Companies

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