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Eugene Brill Photography

Conservation Photography by a Wannabe Naturalist Photographer: Eugene L. Brill

Conservation Photography is my passion. I’ve invested unselfishly and without hesitation: time, money, enthusiasm, early mornings, long hikes, paddles through Louisiana swamps. My focus is on conservation photography, including travel and destination photography. I do not capture weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, babies, or portraits. In summary, I prefer the natural world, sans people, in front of my lens.

Photography has become a powerful medium to enhance and facilitate conservation. Combining nature photography with the proactive, issue-oriented approach of documentary photography, conservation photography acts as an ambassador for protecting the environment and improving life on earth. Through distinct images, conservation photography furthers awareness and action surrounding conservation of the environment, wildlife, habitats, and cultures.

Simply put, by capturing moments in time in the natural world, conservation photography endorses and empowers nature conservation.

My journey into nature photography started with a point-and-shoot film camera, lets just say: ‘many years ago‘. By becoming a Master Gardener & Master Naturalist in Louisiana, I further developed my love of the natural world that has since become the primary focus of my life. My conservation photography portfolio is broken down into 12, 24 or 36-image collections. 12/24/36 is the number of images you had to work with in film photography… the objective being to tell a story with one ‘roll’ of film! As a Conservation Photographer, I follow the Principles of Ethical Field Practices as established by NANPA

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