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Meet Eugene Brill: Lifelong learner, passionate teacher, enthusiastic seeker of answers to the ‘Why’?, ‘Why not’? and ‘What if?’ questions. Oh yes, and a dive-in-and-do-it expert on start-ups, business strategy and internet marketing.


Eugene likes to say: “You begin with passion, and that leads to a rigorous assessment of where you can best contribute to make a difference.”

With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in business plan development where he has been an integral element in implementing effective solutions for companies and non-profits in various stages of growth. With an enthusiastic, purposeful eye on relationship management (Return on Relationships), Eugene integrates online media strategies, including paid channels such as Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising, to help businesses and non-profits effectively engage and dialogue with their followers. As a Business Strategy Advisor, Eugene integrates strategies to introduce the methods, tools, and technologies of lean entrepreneurship.

Digital Nomad & Wannabe Minimalist

Digital Nomads are people who are location independent and use technology to perform their job. Digital Nomads work remotely (telecommute), which is now economically possible due to cheap internet access, smartphones and cloud storage to keep in contact with clients. If I have an internet connection… I can work!

Minimalism is a lifestyle that helps people question what things add value to their lives. By clearing the clutter from life’s path, we can all make room for the most important aspects of life: health, relationships, passion, growth, and contribution.

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Eugene Brill – Transferable Skills

Entrepreneur Programs

Eugene is involved with The Idea Village as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) and Mentor supporting startup entrepreneurs. It’s an opportunity to give back to the New Orleans startup community by working directly with the companies participating in The Idea Village accelerator program (IDEAx). As an EIR and expert resource, Eugene has a skill set in particular areas and provides advisory specific services to the entrepreneurs. As a Mentor, Eugene has experience as successful entrepreneur himself and is familiar with the journey of starting a business, and have successfully started, operated and exited from his own businesses. Eugene provides support by sharing his experiences and opening up his networks to the entrepreneurs he is mentoring.

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Impact Accelerator / Incubator Programs

Eugene Brill has experience in coaching & mentoringbusiness development, due diligence, E-commerce marketing & operations and fundraising, among other skills, and is a proud member of Propeller’s Impact Accelerator program. By offering separate programs for Startup and Growth ventures, Propeller can provide valuable resources that meet social entrepreneurs where they are in their specific stage of development. By sharing his time and knowledge through the Pro Bono Network, Eugene contributes to the success of new, socially-responsible ventures in New Orleans.

The Lean Startup

Startups should be like driving a car… constantly adjusting direction and speed. The Vision is the foundation of any startup, the reason for the existence, the ultimate goal. Your vision rarely changes. The Strategy is how you achieve that vision. Strategy includes architecting the business model, building the product roadmap, and responding to the market and competitors. Occasionally, the strategy may need to change, or “pivoted”. The Product is the end result produced by your vision and strategy. The product is constantly evolving.

E-Commerce Planning

When planning your e-commerce marketing strategy, there’s no one solution that covers everything. But, focusing on your customer while keeping your business at the front of your mind is key. Marketing, branding, creative services, product & merchandising. What are the guiding principles for developing a successful e-commerce marketing plan? Eugene Brill can help! Hear what the experts have to say…

Business & Ecommerce Development

There are a number of advantages, as well as pros and cons when it comes to opening an online store. In an attempt to limit the risk (not selling enough), the following 12 functional areas of Ecommerce will form the road map for launching a successful online business:

1. Business Plan
2. Budget
3. Ecommerce Software selection
4. The Website Design Process
5. Search Engine Optimization
6. Search Engine Marketing
7. Merchandising
8. Distribution
9. Marketing
10. Website Analytics
11. Behavioral Targeting
12. Customer Lifecycle Management (B2C & B2B)

Looking for more Ecommerce Resources? Look no further.


The underlying common thread shared by the companies that Eugene has worked with is: “Serving the Affluent”. Making the cash register ring and/or executing on the Mission, has been paramount. Eugene has assisted companies many industries, ranging form luxury goods to animated movies to augmented reality mobile games. Portfolio of companies here.

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  • “Eugene really gets Relationship Marketing! Using his excellent
    communication skills, he readily transfers knowledge and information
    that can be implemented quickly and painlessly in your business or
    non-profit. He succinctly explained the difference between Foundational
    and Community Building content and how to implement a successful
    relationship marketing campaign .”

    Paul Gorman, President-elect Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club.

  • “Easily one of the most capable managers of people I’ve met.
    Easy to work with, people-oriented, and always has time to listen.
    He has the good sense to develop lasting relationships of
    mutual benefit. Eugene is the ultimate team player!”

    Chuck Gorman, CEO ZooZoo Web

  • “Eugene’s analytical thinking, problem solving expertise, positive can-do attitude
    and drive as a digital marketer has established him as an industry expert.
    Eugene is hands on with all his work AND is able to look at things from
    a 360 degree view. He takes the initiative to stay current with the most
    recent developments in search engine marketing, social media strategy
    and paid search best practices.”

    Marty Hurwitz, CEO MVI Marketing

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